Top 10 Quality Blackjack Titles by Playtech for 2022 Best Rated Online Casinos

Blackjack tables at Playtech casino gaming sites are well known for their rewarding vouchers, realistic graphics, and well-designed user interfaces, which are very close to an actual table. It's easy to find your way around the site, too, because of its intuitive design, which makes you feel like you're playing in Vegas!

Lovers of the game participate in various modes, including single-player, multi-player, and private tables. Although there are many variations of the original game, most of the basic rules remain untouched. You will find that the house edge remains around 0.52% for most of them.

Reasons to Try Blackjack Games from Playtech at the Best Regarded Online Casinos

If you are yet to play one of the exciting games of Blackjack designed by Playtech, then you haven't gotten the full casino experience. The structure of the game is fun and witty. Players remain on edge from the time the first cards are dealt with when the game ends.

When playing a variation of Blackjack hosted on Playtech online casinos with the best supervision, you will have a chance to make money when luck is on your side. The low house edge and coupons make that possible.

You might also come across coupons and vouchers with easy codes and play longer with bonuses.

Here are samples of the customized options for players interested in playing at table games:


In this game, players play on a Vegas Strip with 4 decks of cards with the option of having insurance which pays rates of 2:1.

Surrender - 5 Hand Mode

Players wager on this game using 6 decks of cards without jokers. You can withdraw the initial 2 cards if you are willing to bear the half-wager penalty.


This variation contains all the basic rules of the original game. A few customizations permit players to switch partners when it is appropriate.

Multi-Hand -3-Hands

The unique capability of this game is the allowance of players playing 3 hands. The dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17's.

Multi-Hand - 5-Hands

In this game, the player's mental ability is stretched to the limit with the 5 possible hands, all of which have split and double down options.

Progressive Multi-hand

This is for players who dream of a huge payout. A minimum bet of $5 and a $1 side bet gives you the chance to win a pooled jackpot.

Multiplayer Blackjack

5 players logged in from different locations participate with moderation from a live dealer. A 15 second time limit applies, or else the house automatically calls the hand a stand.


Rules here are simple. To come as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer hides his cards until the end but checks the players for how close they are to 21.

Progressive Blackjack Games at Playtech Casinos

The aim in this title is to accumulate matching 4 aces from the 6 decks of cards to walk out with the biggest payout.

Single Hand

This is just the basic form of the game involving a single deck of 52 cards without joker cards. Your aim is to get to 21 and beat the dealer.

Closing Words

All Playtech casino game variations of Blackjack are exciting. An advantage of redeeming the codes on coupons or vouchers guarantees more playtime and even better rewards. Join one of the many online gambling sites where all the fun is situated.