Top 10 Best Playtech Sports Betting Online Casinos in 2022

Sports betting has transformed Playtech into one of the most powerful gaming providers with closure of most physical betting shops due to Covid-19. The platform is enabled by a partnership with other developers like BTG sports.

In the virtual environment, players get unique simulated odds and a chance to study and from results. Aided by the real-life 3D-action and occasional bonus codes, you get a betting experience equal to none other in the market.

Playtech's Virtual Sports Betting Options in Online Casinos with the Best Organization

Virtual sports betting enables Playtech gaming sites to provide unlimited wagering opportunities to members. The events are simulated by a computer software which means they can be customised to be longer or shorter.

Partnerships with some of the best appraised online casinos with Playtech's superior sports betting permits inclusion of bonus codes in coupons and vouchers.

Here are the top selections for virtual sports betting developed by this provider:

Virtual Horse Racing

High quality graphics and familiar venues in the UK characterize this game. At the finish line, Horse racing's own Sir Peter O'Sullevan's voice calls out the top 3 winners and makes commentary during the race.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

The backdrop of this virtual event is the Yarmouth Stadium which is known for dog racing events. The fast paced event comes to life with realistic graphics and motion capture greyhound animations.

Ultimate Greyhounds

Building up on the Virtual Greyhound racing event, this new product features Ultra-realistic HDR based rendering, action based camera system, and dynamic lighting.

Virtual Football

Popular stadiums based on the English Premier League and authentic kits make up this category. Sounds of the crowd and animation sequences for wins and celebrations are very close to a real life football event.

Virtual Tennis

Joint efforts with Warner Bros and this developer have achieved a product that contains 16 world renown players, Lifelike realism, and stadium environments close to live tennis matches.

Virtual Basketball

The virtual league has 16 teams from the USA with home and away kits. Playing sequences take place in 16 different stadiums containing sponsors' branding.

Virtual Cycle Racing

8 different bike riders make up the competitors while the sound effects, commentary, and final lap indicators bring the game to life.

Virtual Speedway

Four competing motorbike riders take on the track on a dirt road. The 360-degree visuals and commentary that perfectly lines up with the animations make the game fun and pump up the thrill for anybody watching.

Virtual Retail

The virtual retail machine is a stand alone Linux-based system which runs 4 matches simultaneously. The operator can choose one game to be featured and viewed in the main interface while viewing the results of the other 3 matches in real time. The games are short 90-minute matches which permits more betting opportunities.

Numbers Betting

Players place bets on the results of international lotteries at fixed odds. You will find well-known lotteries such as UK49s, New York Lotto, Spanish State Lotteries and Irish Lotto Bet.

Join the Champs

With no doubt, this provider is a pacesetter on many fronts. Become a member at one of the sites which partner with them and look out for coupons and vouchers containing bonus codes.